Photography Tuition

MA Fine Art, Cambridge School of Art, Cambridge.
30 years experience in various genre’s of photography.

Experienced, innovative and passionate photographer. Bringing over thirty years track record as Professional Photographer to some of the worlds biggest names in magazines, advertising and FTSE 100 companies.

I’m offering One to One photography tuition, bespoke photography workshops and masterclasses.

I teach a lot of already successful photographers in London, helping them to take their career to the next level. If you would like to take your photography up a notch then please don’t hesitate to contact me.

I’m happy to teach you at university level or beyond.

I can teach you all aspects of analogue or digital photography including analogue film processing, darkroom printing, alternative photography printing i.e. Albumen salt prints and Gum Bichromate printing for colour, tri-colour, duotone & black and white printing and cyanotype printing.

Making and using digital negatives from a digital camera, to produce hybrid handmade photographic prints or alternative photographic prints.

I can teach you:
Fashion Photography
Portrait Photography
Food Photography
Product Photography
Landscape Photography
Interior Photography
Fine Art Photography
Studio Lighting
Available Daylight / Natural Lighting Indoors or Out.
Portfolio Advice

I’m happy to work with complete beginners to working professionals, in person or some elements via Zoom.


Learn photography from one of London's top photographers.

One to one photography tuition

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One To One

One to one photography tuition is all about you - Just click to get in touch.


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Photography workshops prepared to your brief - Just click to get in touch.

Photography Talks

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Photography talks for students to corporate client worshops - Just click to get in touch.

One To One

4 hours

  • Focused on your specific area of interest
  • Analoge or Digital Photography


4 hours

  • Minimum 2 persons
  • Analoge or Digital Photography
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£250 P.P.


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  • From students to corporate clients
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