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Actress Headshots – Phoebe Thomas

Actress Headshots – Phoebe Thomas Some headshots from my shoot with Phoebe Thomas the other day. Phoebe is best known for her parts in the movies Lady Godiva and Permanent Vacation and also for her roll in Holby City as Maria Kendall.

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Commercial Portrait Photographer

Commercial Portrait Photographer: Headshots and portraits of life coach Gary Amers for press, website and commercial use.

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Actor Portraits London

Actor Portraits London: Taking portraits of Danish born Lucas Hansen, probably best known for “The Human Centipede (Full Sequence)” but has done loads of movies and has just been booked for a large TV show.

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Portrait – front cover shots

Some recent portraits that I shot for a Hult – International Business School. I was asked to shoot various portraits for the covers of a world wide students project / brochure.

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Actors headshot photographer London – Benjamin Gur

Actors headshot photographer London: taking headshots for Benjamin Gur, shot at home in London. Benny ( as he’s affectionately called at home ) is one of these lucky guys that just has that look. He’s 16, he’s damn handsome and he’s talented to boot. Benjamin has just finished filming Borgia. He also played Mickey in Beautiful People.

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